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March 12th, 2008

07:27 pm
Title:  Freud
Author:  tizi17 – no native speaker!!
Summary:  good old Freud would have a blast...
Warning: * 1/2, veeery mild, kinky in a different way...
Dedication and Thanks: to siennaand lolitary again for the great FEST - and to my rosiet..

God… time ta get new boots… fed up of feelin’ damp socks through holes as big as shit…

And what crap am I wearin’ today? A CHEQUERED shirt? Brown? Had too much last night?

I can feel my fingers clinging to a shot glass – well at least that's one good thing, guess I need that right now.
And down with it – hell! How could I forget that it burns my guts out… shit.

With a loud bang the glass is put back onto the bar. “Gimme another one, will ya?”

I can feel it. It rises from down low and creeps up my back, makes my little neck hair stand up in salute.
Someone’s watching me. I can feel it.

Cerulean blue. Big, wide open. There, right in front of me. They talk to me, they do. Well, I guess it’s the owner of those sky eyes that talks to me, as far as I get it. Don’t hear much, just have ta stare.. at those blues, that dark black crop of hair underneath a neat and proper black hat (better than the worn out thing I have on my head – just what you get riding through desert heat and thunderin’ rains though I guess…)

“Twist, name’s Twist… never saw you around…”

Did I answer? I guess I did – at least I hear someone say “delMar, I’m from Wyoming.”
Musta been me.

And those pink lips, no… bloody red they are, white perfectly lined teeth blinking through them, tip of a sweet little tongue sneaking out between them when he smiles…

When he smiles…. He talks and I don’t get it. He smiles and I… whoa! What the…?
I feel a heavy weight between my legs, up there where thighs meet crotch. Like.. big apples, a bat… heavy and throbbing. My body tenses, I can feel my heart race, my fingers on the shot glass not so firm anymore.
I have to touch myself, feel it…

It’s hard, but it’s warm and pulsing. When I touch the thing between my legs shivers run down my spine, blood rushes to my face, breath falters.

“Got a problem down there bud? I can help ya out if ya want… barn’s not far. If you want…”

I can feel his hot breath along my cheek, on my earlobe, in my ear shell as he whispers to me, somethin’ about my blonde curls between his fingers, his tongue in my mouth…

Dizzy, dizzy, I feel drunk when I get up and try to follow him to the back door. Muscles movin’ beneath his tight denim shirt, his perfect ass wigglin’ there before me… sweat starts to run down my neck, my hands are wet as I try to dry them on my worn out jeans.
And that bulge between my legs.. hell! How can one walk with that thing there, as if leading the way it urges up and forward and presses against my fly. Heavy, oh so heavy… I have to touch it again… it reassures me, makes me feel alive, strong and powerful.

Dark outside, barn’s right there.

I feel my back against the wooden planks, a strong chest heavy against mine, arms around my neck, hands kicking away my hat, his fingers stroking and twirling my locks. And a mouth on mine…. Do I remember ever having had a kiss like that? Soft little peckers on my lips for a start, opening my lips tenderly with his pointed tongue, licking slightly over my teeth, my upper lip inside… tongue seeking mine.. and then devouring my mouth, plunging into it, sucking my tongue, breathing heavily into me, threatening to give me a heart attack, my heart racing furiously., saliva running from both corners of my mouth, sweet tongue licking it up….

Can’t keep my hands still. His hat off I grasp his hair desperately, seeking anchor. His hands run down my spine and I can feel them on my ass, clutching me even closer to him. I need .. I need to feel… me.. him…

My hands wander down his chest and back, down to where I want to reach. His hands start to mirror mine.
There… the bulge in my pants seems even thicker and heavier than before, pushing and trying to free itself from the prison of my jeans… and I feel HIM… hot and throbbing and that flesh between my fingers through thick denim…. Oohh…

Dizzy again.. the smells burning my nostrils. Sweet hay, horse shit, grease and leather, far away rain and green grass outside the barn.. and heavy Twist as I nuzzle his sweat sheathed neck and jaw line.

I have to….

I start to open his fly – he starts to open mine. Crisp hair is what I feel when I try to push away the shirt to get to his skin, burning hot as a frying pan. Crisp hair that leads down the path that I follow.. hotter, still hotter when my fingers softly graze over the tip of his cock.. a little wet, a bit slick… soft tender skin, hard muscled flesh moving underneath, tender velvety skin, as if touching a soft blanket over steel hard bone.

He has arrived at my prick, too… hell! I nearly jump out of my pants from the sensation… My whole body trembles, spasms block my thighs and make my knees weak, my hands tremble as they continue to touch him carefully.

His hand, more audacious than mine, grasps my hot penis, I can feel it caress and stroke and I nearly black out from my blood racing through my body, my chest tight with raging emotion, my sweat running in rivulets down my neck, my mouth biting his soft and oh so sweet lips…

The moves of his hand have become more eager, more frantic, pushing and pulling, as I try to follow his rhythm.

Something is crawling up in me, I can feel it, like a tide welling up in waves, from deep within me, crying for liberation, for release.. don’t stop… please.. don’t stop! I have to….I am… 

“delMar? The memo’s ready?”

“delMar? Sleeping again?”

“Elena delMar! Girl, you are sooo in trouble if you’re not ready for the meeting, got that? Tststsss.. sleeping on the desk…..” 

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February 23rd, 2008

07:57 pm - LoveFest Challenge

 Title: A man's man
Pairing: J/E
Summary: Cowboys on the run...
Label: **- basics in m/m...
Dedication: to my dear ROSIE, thank you girl!
And thanks to Lola  and S! - what a great idea, for all of us!



A man’s man

Riding a trail was a helluva lot of work.
But Ennis del Mar liked it. He liked the freedom of it, the open land, the changing countryside, the feeling of power over beast and men.
Because Ennis del Mar had that power, him being the right hand man of a rich rancher up in Valentine, with an enormous herd of livestock to tend to, now on trail to the big Autumn Auction, a 4 week ride away.
Not only the ranch hands had to come along, many hands had been hired for this trail, many hands were needed.

Ennis del Mar was proud of himself, in his 29 years he was in a better position than anybody in his family had ever thought he would be.  From the lanky dirty blonde kid he had been he had become a sinewy, tall and proud man, respected by his hands and by his boss for being all man, responsible, cautious and strong. He didn’t talk much, nearly never mingled with the others at the campfire, was always attentive to herd and surroundings - at any time a wild animal could startle the herd, a storm could make them crazy. And he would be there.

Beans and sausages settling in his belly, a drop of whiskey in his mug (for him alone, - no drunk hands needed on a trail) he was sitting at a safe distance from the big fire in the camp. He could hear hollering and shouting. Sure as hell it would be that Twist boy again, blabbering and jumping about, acting crazy for the others to watch, clap their hands and laugh.
 God that boy surely was a bad mistake to have chosen! Should have known from the start that boy had ants in his pants… Ennis sighed to himself. A hard worker though, didn’t draw back at any chore he was asked to do, at any time always ready to jump when Ennis called him for an extra shift. His eyes were a blue like no sky Ennis had ever seen before, sparkling in that pleasing edged face, surrounded by a shock of black hair, always tousled as if he had just gotten out of his bedroll… HELL! What was he thinking! Jack Twist’s a boy, - a witty and funny and nice boy, barely 19 years, but still A BOY.

 But sometimes he caught a look from that boy, that he couldn’t decipher, a look that if given him by Miss Molly over in Valentine, would have his belly (and regions more to the south better not to think of) all in a knot. But by Jack Twist?.. what the …? Not that Ennis knew much about all that stuff, his knowledge about women more bragging he heard from other men than personal experience. Again, as usual, he blushed at the thought of that. And at the thought of Twist’s look…

Curious about all that hollering though, Ennis reluctantly got up and walked slowly over to the fire. He had been right.. Jack Twist was putting on one of his shows, pretending to do his rodeo stunt, jumping in the air, shouting and clowning around. Everybody clapped and laughed and had a ball, and Ennis was a little jealous. Nobody ever laughed at his jokes.. well - not that he had many of those to tell anyway. It just made him skittish tonight to see all the attention that boy got.
And as if on purpose – a big roar of thunder cut the air, even before a day bright flash of lightning cut the dark night sky.

“Well then guys, show’s over – off ya go, see that no one gets off the herd!”  Was he relieved he had to do that? Yes, yes .. he was, deeply satisfied even. Everybody looking at Jack Twist like he was the best whore in town? Not decent that… huh?
“Go del Mar.. stop that shit…”

And off he was, first of all men, trying to keep the herd together in the pitch dark, under a pouring rain that had started at full tilt.
Yelling and shouting between them they rounded the herd up as best possible, but Ennis feared that some animal would be lost in the dark, and he cussed at the thunderstorm for making any thought of getting some sleep tonight impossible.

There, that was Twist on his Thoroughbred, riding like hell behind a calf that as Ennis watched, disappeared down a slope. He would need a hand, it was too dark to see more than a few yards.. what if there was some cliff? or … ok, he just wanted to see what Twist managed to do in that situation. So Ennis followed him as quickly as possible.

There was no cliff, but a small creek that with the water falling from the sky had turned into some raging mountain stream, the calf up to it's shoulder in it and Jack Twist, dismounted from his horse, using a lariat to get as near as possible to the animal.

Ennis jumped from his horse, started running towards the creek when he saw the lariat around the animal’s neck. Well done.. but what now? Twist was gone, the other side of the rope without its holder. “Twist, Twist!” Ennis shouted, when he finally saw a head bob up and down in the raging water. “Wait up boy!” he shouted again. He managed to wade into the water as far as he could get, and with a strong pull he caught Jack and hauled him out onto to the river bank.

Somehow, the calf had managed to get out on its own, and was standing near, trembling and mooing. No time for that, Ennis thought as he tried to ascertain that Jack was ok. He was breathing, but had his eyes closed, and didn’t move.
Ennis touched his face, shook him a bit. “Hey bud, you ok?” Nothing. He came closer to Jack's face, when suddenly an arm sneaked around his shoulder and a hot mouth was pressed to his.  He was so surprised that he didn’t move, his head spinning with the unknown sensation, giving in, letting himself slide into that overwhelming feeling of being kissed by Jack Twist, by… A MAN!

He jumped up, nearly shrieking, unable to look at Jack, just mumbling, “You’re ok then..” and turning away as quickly as he could.

“Ennis, Ennis wait!” Jack was swaying a bit, unsteady on his legs, from the water, the storm, the kiss… who knew?
“Ennis, wait! I am sorry… I was.. I just.. thanks for saving me…” was all he finally said.

Ennis had stopped and was turning around now.
“What the hell you think you’re doing, huh? Ain’t right. Ain’t no girl. Let’s just forget about that and get you back to camp, wait till storm’s over and get you warm again.” ..Oops that came out stupid though, he thought as he saw a funny little twinkle in Jack’s eyes.

“There's a little rock over there, overhanging. We just could go up there and wait till it’s over”, Jack said, with a pleading in his voice that made Ennis’ stomach do a second round that night…

“Well, maybe you’re right”, he mumbled, drew his hat more over his eyes, took both horses and the roped calf and stepped over to the rock that really seemed to offer some shelter for the both of them.  That was if they managed to sit really really close to each other.. Jack wiggling happily, Ennis as rigid as a broom stick, unable to even breathe for fear he would touch Jack in any decent or not so decent way.

A tension started to spread between them that Ennis couldn’t explain. He felt as if a streak of lightning had touched his inner chore, as if something would start to burn him from inside out.

When Jack started to talk he wouldn’t even listen, his heart drumming in his ears, his face as hot as any burnt by the midday sun.
“… so I thought.. well I thought…. You liked me too, somehow..” was all he finally understood, and as he wanted to answer Jack continued. “You know, I have been thinking on ya. A lot. Since trail started two weeks ago.. couldn’t get my thoughts away from ya….” The voice trailed off into soft whispering, and there it was again, that arm sneaking around his shoulder, a hand moving softly to his neck, over the little bit of bare skin under the bandana.
Ennis turned around, wanting to stop that disgusting talk, that sneaking arm, that hot burn in his belly….

Jack’s lips were on his, the hot wet tip of his tongue trying to find its way. Ennis opened up involuntarily, just caught by the sweetness of Jack’s mouth seeking his, and without even knowing, he started to kiss back, his hands moving to Jack as if pulled by an invisible string, and soon they clung to each other in a tight embrace, breathing harshly between fervid kisses, legs entwined, bodies pressed against each other as if their lives depended on it.
Both started to rock, to rub. Bodies obviously knowing exactly what they wanted. “No Jack, no….”  “Ennis, yeah…. Ahhh.. gonna….. AAAAHH…!” Jack bucked like an ornery calf, and as he cried out in his relief, Ennis felt the world tumble and shake… too many sensations flooding him, Jack’s hot breath, the smell of wet earth and muddy clothes…. And the mingling scent of both their seed as Ennis, too, came in his pants.
+ + +

Somehow Ennis managed to unwrap himself from Jack, get on his horse without a word, and drag the calf with him. Somehow he managed not to listen to Jack calling after him, struggling onto his horse, following him. Somehow Ennis managed to get back to the camp where people had the fire going and were looking expectantly, as both men arrived to the site, one after the other, both seemingly exhausted. Somehow Ennis managed to avoid any long explanations, just pointing out that Jack had saved a calf, and then he finally disappeared into the dark, way off the campground, alone, sitting down on his blanket, trembling not so much from the wet and cold, but from fear …

No way for him to get around what he had done, what had happened back there. He had kissed a man, he had embraced a man.. and he had come in his pants, because of a man.

Sure people didn't talk much about such stuff, but he had heard stories about men bunking together, leading a life together. Ennis always thought that were legends, like the ones Barney used to tell of when he spent a night at the whorehouse, he thought it incredible what people were prepared to do to get their needs met.
And yes, that might be just it, a need that boy Twist had had, a need caused by long days on the trail, by his youth and inexperience in such things. Not that Ennis, well… he had kissed a girl behind the barn, he had watched ladies look up to him under the brim of their little Sunday hats… but that was it.  He had never expected to have such a bodily reaction to a MAN.
With a head spinning like crazy it was hard but finally he fell asleep.

 + + +

He decided that he would adopt a no-talk-to-Twist-and-avoid-him policy, as hard as it was.

Sure he knew he would look at him whenever he could… look at that lean muscled figure up on the horse as if glued to it..  those long graceful fingers holding the mug, his soft curved lips caressing the same mug or spreading wide at some joke, those heavenly blues riveted towards him every time Ennis looked at him… and that firm, round little ass in those chaps that made his mouth drier than an August sun dried desert…

 Ennis knew he had to talk to Jack, as soon as possible. He had to tell him that he would not… well, he had to do it. Today..  and just the idea of it made him fidgety, but he couldn’t wait till evening.

+ + +

Ennis nearly dragged Jack away from the campfire, mumbling some excuses about last check on herd or sump’. Jack followed easily into the dark, up a hill where Ennis had put out his bedroll tonight, to overlook the herd.

“Listen up boy”, Ennis started. “We gotta talk about this. Ain’t right what we did yesterday, you’re no queer, I ain’t either..”

 “But Ennis…” Jack wanted to interrupt, but once started on that argument there was no stopping for Ennis.

 “Maybe juss lonesome out here, ya know? Another week and we’res in town, pussy waitin’ and all…”

 “But Ennis, I don’t wanna…see, I was thinking, we could juss.. well stay together after the trail, find us a place of our own, way out in….”

 “Jack! You just shut up, you know nothin’ about it! Ain’t decent, not gonna happen, two guys living together….”

And that was the moment where Jack, tired of being constantly interrupted, flew towards Ennis, was on him in a split second, throwing him onto the bedroll and attacking his mouth with his own.
Ennis just couldn’t help it, groaned out loud between locked mouths and gave in to Jack’s attentions. That sweet mouth of his sucked out all qualms Ennis might have found again, and Ennis was lost in that sensation, tingling all over his body, heating up his groin as never in his life before.
This wonderful mouth started to wander about, along his jaw line, down his neck to his chest, opening up buttons along the way. Even if he had wanted to, Ennis wasn’t able to stop it, there was not one coherent thought left in his heated brain, his hands roaming all over Jack’s body, wherever he could reach.

What the….? What was that boy up to? Gnawing slightly on his nipples had made Ennis buck like a donkey, but now that hot wet mouth was wandering down and down, Jack’s hands opening his fly and…. Whoa there! What…
But it was too late, Ennis was gone, his freed prick standing like a flag pole.  A happy mumbling Jack started to lick and suck that hard cock of his, as if devouring the best meal he had ever had. And with a slight pull Jack had Ennis’ entire cock swallowed down to the root, digging his finger into his curly pubic hair.
Ennis cried out in surprise, wanted to jump, tried to warn Jack, but lost it and came with a sharp moan all in Jack’s mouth who… hell! Who swallowed it all, sucked him empty, licked him clean.

Ennis must have passed out then, because when he came around, Jack’s head was resting on his chest, his hands caressing softly Ennis’ still naked flanks and belly.
“Ennis…” Jack started with a happy and sleepy voice, but Ennis pushed him away, punching him hard so he fell on his back, then Ennis jumped up and shouted at him “You son of a bitch! What do you think you’re doing? I ain’t a whore, and this AIN’T gonna happen, you hear me? I'm a man's man, not a QUEER! Stay the fuck off me Twist!”

And full of anger and rage he grabbed his bedroll and stormed off into the dark, leaving a desperate and shell-shocked Jack behind.
It was over. The trail was over, any chance Ennis might have had to set things right, any chance to respond to those long hurt looks of Jack. Over. Over and gone.

They had finally arrived in town, and took the stock to the auction ground, through a hollering crowd.  They passed the Saloon and the bright pink
colored whore house with all the ladies out on balconies and windows, cheering and whistling at the men who did the same back, some calling “Wait up for me Daisy, coming tonight!”  the girls laughing, “Let’s hope so Burt!”  Some interested comments were directed towards Jack obviously,  “Looky out, what a beauty! Girls, that one has  “MINE” stamped on his forehead!” “As long as you don’t stamp it anywhere else, so we can enjoy him too, Suzie!”

The men had clapped Jack’s shoulder at that, laughing and wishing him good luck for the night.

 Then the cowboys were all preparing at the camp for their night out, shouting and laughing and fantasizing about the whos and withwhoms. Some of the loudest bragging coming from.. Jack, counting the number of girls that would pass his lap tonight, the men laughing and applauding.

Ennis felt sick, ready to puke. But, wasn’t that what he had wanted, for himself, and for Jack?

“So Ennis? Ready to jump?” Everybody was leaving the camp besides him.
“Nah, gonna stay here, keep an eye on camp…” he mumbled and turned away.

A last long glance from Jack, and there he was, alone, sitting at an ongoing fire, with a bottle of whiskey he had kept for the occasion.
Unhappy, uncomfortable, uneasy, sulky.. and jealous as hell. Just the image of Jack and a girl…

Bottle halfway through, he was determined that he, too, had a right to a good evening out, and if it had to be a soak in a hot bath tub, so be it, because no way was he going to the whorehouse to see Jack.. It would be a hot bath instead.

When he arrived at the Saloon and turned around the corner to the Bath house he saw Jack standing on the balcony of the pink house, a large-butted girl in a black and white striped dress hanging on his side like a squirrel to the branch. Jack saw him, and with glittering eyes towards Ennis he drew the girl closer and kissed her.

Ennis was more than pissed as he stepped into the Bathhouse.
“Hot water, whiskey and some of that ointment stuff for my feet!” he ordered and didn’t wait for the answer as he went up the stairs.

 When the tub was filled he just got out of his clothes and into the steaming water. Jeez, bubbles! But it was ok, anything was better than seeing Jack with a girl.

Another bottle of whiskey half done and the water was getting cold.

“More hot water, damn!” he hollered and banged his whiskey mug on the metal tub.

A few minutes later the door opened creaking, and a familiar voice said, “You need hot, Mister?”

A bucket of really hot water was in Ennis’ tub nearly as quickly as a hot and fully dressed Jack sat askew on his lap in the tub, water sloshing out everywhere over the edge.
“Whut?..” was Ennis’ only word before Jack was attacking his mouth feverishly, his tongue hot inside, exploring, withdrawing, his teeth nibbling at Ennis’ lips, his hands grabbing Ennis’ hair forcefully.
When they finally had to breathe Ennis croaked “Better get outta here..” and he tried to get out of the tub, dragging a wet Jack with him.
There they stood, Ennis naked as the day he was born, Jack dripping and shivering.

Ennis grabbed Jack’s waistcoat and started to undress him with frantic moves, mumbling and cursing. It was hard work since Jack’s hands weren’t still at all, wandering over Ennis’s naked skin as far as he could reach. Ennis was shivering too now, eager to touch and kiss and stroke this beautiful boy before him. As Jack made a move to get down on his knees on his kissing trail south, Ennis suddenly pulled him up again, pressed him close and hissed into Jack’s ear. “Bed.”
And they stumbled onto the bed, clinging to each other.

Jack resumed his touching and licking southbound again, and soon Ennis was in a haze, groaning and bucking like a filly.

“Ennis… I .. I wantya to .. to fuck me…!” Jack moaned. Ennis started to tremble like a leaf in the wind, stammering “Yeah, yeah… but I never.. I dunno..”
“Let me Ennis…”, and Jack jumped out of bed to fetch the ointment jar on the chair near the tub.

“But Jack, how.. you ever? But?”
“Wanned to tellya Ennis, you wouldna let me… but hush now.. I’m here with you, where I wanna be, just with you Ennis..”
And as he forcefully kissed Ennis who sat on the bed, Jack took some ointment and started to rub it on Ennis’ cock, Ennis nearly jumped off the bed at the sensation. Then Jack went on all fours in front of Ennis, and turning his head he whispered: “Put some on me Ennis, gotta prepare me…”

As Ennis followed Jack’s directions he felt he would pass out from the overwhelming emotions his actions had on him. Slowly he pushed one, and then a second finger into Jack’s slicked hole, Jack shivering with goose pimples all over.

“Ennis, please.. please.. can’t wait.. do it. Now… fuck me.. please!”

Ennis took his heart in his hand and… well, he took his cock in his hand, and put it where he never would have thought possible, and slowly but determinedly he slid into Jack until he felt his balls touch Jack’s. They stilled for a moment, then Jack started to slowly push himself onto Ennis’ cock. Ennis cried out, completely shocked by the tight heat that surrounded his prick and sent his brain into knockout.

Their rhythm increased, noise growing steadily, panting, moaning and whispered nonsense, the slapping of skin on skin.

That’s when Ennis lost it.
He set down on his ankles, grabbed Jack at his hips and pulled him back into a sitting position, Jack’s legs straddling his thighs, Ennis’ prick buried deep in Jack’s sweet tight ass. Ennis threw one arm around Jack’s chest, caressing him, pinching his nipples. His other hand grabbed Jack’s cock and started to stroke him in rhythm with their thrusts, Jack groaned out and grabbed hold as best as he could on Ennis’ thighs.

Ennis licked and sucked on Jack’s neck, calling him “Little darlin’”, lost in his lover’s smell and heat. As he couldn’t bear it any more he sank his teeth into Jack’s soft skin and marked him there. “Mine” he mumbled, “mine” as he rocked in a frantic haze.
Both cried out in unison, Jack’s seed spurting out like a fountain, Ennis filling his lover with his hot pulsing cum.

A spent Ennis slid out of Jack and both fell onto the bed like trees struck by a lightning.



“Ennis, I meant to tell ya.. I knew what I wanted, had juss you on my mind but you…”

“Shhh.. Jack… I’m sorry. We gotta do a lot of talking I guess. Couldn’t stand the thought of you and the girl…Was thinking… what if the two of us got back on the ranch together and then see where we go from there?”

“Seems like a plan to me Ennis.”

They snuggled up, Jack just wanting to crawl inside of Ennis’s skin, Ennis sighing happily against Jack’s sweat damp curls.

“Ennis? You’re right – you’re a real man’s man…”

“Yeah Jack, MY man’s man – Your man….”




[Unknown LJ tag]
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February 9th, 2008

10:40 am - .. they got me....

.. no way out... i've been tagged... time ago by ghashsang and now by friday blues... and who the h** knows what i have to do.... 

The rules are:
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it.'

so well:
1. i speak 5 languages and i adore to play with them, go and find origins of words, trying to "feel" them, toss and turn them.. ok so this might count as "quirk"..
2. i hate it when my pillows are not right during the night - i often get up and fight until they are as i want.
3. i have an ooooold LP player - for the babies here: that's a machine where you put some sort of black plastic pancakes on and music comes out. i adore to ruin my kids' day with my ancient music from times gone such as tim buckley, traffic, neil young..
4. i am into gay stuff.. m/m thing.. slash.. oh you mean that doesn't count here, that's not a quirk? well then it's a habitual fact
5. i'm a good cook, which means i can do a complete meal with starter and dessert in less than 1 hour.. and people eat it.
6. i am afraid of drunk people.. and i attract them.. you just put me in a quiet bar or place and i bet all you got that the only drunk there hits on me..
7. i adore and cherish and love my cyber friends.. this is to you out there .. finally you have it in written, in fornt of maaaaaany maaaany readers...

to the last part:
now good luck friends, hope you still love me after this... ;-))
i tag

i sooo hope i haven't done too many errors... LJ still being a bi** to me... ;-))

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November 15th, 2007

12:37 pm - CRAP!!!!
.. and here i am again..
i usually do not post on my LJ..  as i said, i translate and i read.. and I LOVE IT!
it's my life, it's my joy, my little heaven..
so i really really am UPSET about all that CRAP that is going on again..
why do such wonderful writers as planetgirl (!!!) have to leave the fandom? because of some SICK commenters who attack the writer as person? how sick is that?
comment the story, like it or not, help the writer with your comment - but OMFG - that's all!
i'm really really sorry for all those who have been affected by such a weird and stupid behaviour.. what a pity...
please to all of you that write:
continue, if you have to friend to be in peace, do it. don't let yourself pull down by weird crap - WE here, we love you and your writing!

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August 16th, 2007

08:55 pm

.. and this is somewhat all i can say about me for the moment..


i am here to read and to comment.. and to help some beautiful story in german to come alive in english for everbody to read..


just one short thing..

i am not a great thinker.. but after all that has happened lately i only wish that no one was hurt, that nobody has to leave or clean the LJ and go away for good..

this is a place that was born - born from a love two people shared, born from our desire to make them live a dream they themselves had not been granted..


let's stick to it as long as we care, as long as we share these feelings with all the others here.. in their work and in our comments.. no arguing, no fighting.

as we say in ennisjack.com 


thank you all your writers and readers!


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